Disrequiem for Eliezer Wiesel and the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Or, the Auschwitz Hosanna.
Heidegger and the Benediction to the Jews. A Hasidic Reading of the Schwarze Hefte.
On the Transplantation of the Torah into Euroamerican Soil.
PENDING (Unplatonic Reflections.)
PENDING (On Jerusalem and the Land.)
HOSANNA! The Rebbe’s offer to teach Wiesel the Auschwitz Hosanna.
INTRODUCTION The small apocalypse in the Rebbe’s chambers.
THE PLAINT | 1(A) ‘How can you still believe in God?’
THE DEPOSITION | 2(A) The litigious literary genre of Un di velt hot geshvigen.
AFFIDAVIT FORM | 3 Primo Levi as master of the litigious genre.
THE MEMOIR | 4 La nuit as a maudlin compromise of the litigious genre.
THE MOTION | 2(B) Eliezer cruxified.
A PRECEDENT | 5 The case of Jeremiah.
THE AD | 6 In search of a new atheism.
THE FURY | 1(B) A phenomenology of the pre-litigious.
OPENING STATEMENT | 7(A) The Rebbe’s letter. Part 1.
THE FIRST PRECEDENT | 8 The case of Abraham.
THE ARGUMENT | 7(B) The Rebbe’s letter. Part 2.
SUPPORTING DOCS | 9 Hasidic contexts to the Rebbe’s letter.
INTERPRETING DOC. 8 | 10 A midrashic account of the case of Abraham.
The Happenstance Was heisst Ereignis?
Jiminy Cricket Archetype of the Super Ego
Cookie Monster Archetype of the Id
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